How it works

How it works? Basically, you send me a photo of your pet and I’ll start painting!

However, there are few things to keep in mind….

The most important is to send a really good photo! With that I mean a clear picture of your pet, exactly the way you want him or her depicted. A great photo makes for a great portrait. What your photo shows is what I will paint. I’m not going to use my imagination to make up invisible body parts or make corrections, because it might affect the likeliness. I can’t use blurry photos. Below a sample of a “good” and a “bad” photo. The first one is a very blurry picture of a puppy. I accepted this photo because it was the only existing one of a dear dog who has long since passed. It was hard work to get a good likeness, having to work without any reference. The second is an example of an excellent photo with lots of detail.

Pet Portraits by Carin Steen
Pet Portraits by Carin Steen
The photo needs to be of a high resolution. The bigger the better! Please send photos taken by a camera or phone, not images taken from social media. No thumbnails or pictures from the internet please. They might look good on your phone, but once enlarged, they lose significant detail.

Also important is to send your photo as an attachment by email. Please do not use WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram to send me photos, because these platforms reduce the size of the image. When you email the photo, please attach it as a document, not as a picture embedded in the message. You can also send me photos through It’s free and easy to use.

Pet Portraits by Carin SteenComposition is also something to think about. Do you want your pet's face front and centre? Or would you like your pet as an integral part of the background? Do you prefer a headshot or full body? If you have no idea, no problem. Just send me some pictures and I'll make some suggestions.
Pet Portraits by Carin Steen
Please tell me what kind of background you’d like, and if applicable, send me photos. You can choose a natural setting, for example a favourite landscape or foliage. The background can consist of a pattern that matches your interior, such as cushion or curtain designs. It can match the personality of pet or owner, or be very neutral. The more information you provide, the better. I’ll make up to three different designs for your approval. Any more designs or very complicated backgrounds will have an additional cost.

If you need some inspiration, please visit SAMPLES

The price of the artwork depends on its size. The sizes mentioned under PRICES are just guidelines, custom sized portraits can be discussed.

If you want a portrait of more than one pet (for an additional price), you can send me photos of the pets together, or separate pictures. With separate pictures, please make sure that all pictures have been taken from the same point of view, so I can place them together in Photoshop. A dog photographed from above and a kitten seen from below, are difficult to pair in one image.

Pet Portraits by Carin Steen

Once I receive the required photos, information on your preferences and a 50% deposit, I’ll make a design in Photoshop, for you to approve. The design will show the final composition against the chosen background. Please bear in mind that the final artwork will NOT be an exact copy of this design: colour and texture may vary because a painted portrait simply looks different from a photograph.

Once the design is approved, I’ll start painting and finish the portrait within the agreed period, usually 1-2 weeks. I'll send you a picture of the result and if no additional changes are required, I’ll then send the portrait safely packaged, by certified mail or courier, as previously agreed on, after receiving the second payment. The costs for shipping will be added to the price. You’ll be provided a tracking number. Even though I’ll be able to see when the painting will be delivered, I’d very much appreciate a message upon its arrival.

My pet portraits are painted with gouache or acrylics on high quality watercolour paper. I recommend framing them behind glass, for protection. (Different materials and surfaces are optional.)

I keep the right to publish images of the commissioned artwork on my social media, without specific details (name of the pet owner, specific location etc.). I will not post pictures of the finished product until the original has been received by the client. If you object to this policy, or the artwork is a surprise for someone, please let me know.

For more information, quotes or commissions, please contact me at

I’m looking forward to painting your pet!

Carin Steen