Super Chula!


Pet portrait by Carin Steen

Chula Kossoy, 30 x 35cm, acrylics on paper (© Carin Steen, 2023)

It's been a while since I painted this. It was actually a Christmas present, so I better post this before spring turns into summer!

This is Chula, a super chula dog who belongs to my friends and neighbours in Guatemala, Ellen and Irene. They have lucked out in the dog department, because their previous dogs Coban and Calvin were very cool too! They both passed away not long ago, unfortunately. After Coban's passing, Ellen and Iren had already adopted Chula, so fortunately they're not left alone. Chula couldn't be a better fit. She's just... chula! (Cute, for those who don't speak Spanish).

I had already had the pleasure to paint Coban and Calvin. Now a portrait of Chula joins them in the livingroom. 

Pet Portrait by Carin Steen