A Blazing Star!


Pet Portrait by Carin Steen

Estrella, acrylics on paper, 24 x 30cm (© Carin Steen, 2023)

This is a portrait of our foster dog Estrella (“Star”). She was rescued back in November by a friend who saw something greyish hopping across a highway and at first didn’t even think it was a puppy! Malnourished, mangy and unable to walk, it didn’t look to good for Estrella. But with much TLC, she recovered quickly and turned into a healthy, happy pup. Except for the small detail that she can’t walk properly. X-rays show that Estrella was born without kneecaps, so her hind legs are bend and she is unable to stretch them. But that doesn’t mean she is immobile! She hops along like a bunny and is almost as fast as any other dog. From follow-up visits to specialised vets we learned that she is healthy, there are no back issues, no pain and not much that can be done about her missing kneecaps. An operation would likely not improve anything, and we don’t want to put her through a long, painful and unnecessary recovery. The only thing Estrella requires is to maintain a healthy weight (extra weight would be too strenuous for her front legs) and limited exercise, especially climbing stairs or walking long distances on a hard surface. But playing on the grass with other dogs is not a problem at all.

Estrella is still looking for a home! She’s a lovely dog, almost a year old and very easy going. She gets along with other dogs very well and is also good with cats and kids. She doesn’t need any extra care except for limited exercise, which should work in her advantage!

Estrella is currently living in Antigua Guatemala. If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting her, please send me a message. She deserves a wonderful home! (Adoption in the US could be an option!)

Pet Portrait by Carin Steen

Estrella, acrylics on paper, 7 x 9cm (© Carin Steen, 2023)