Pet portrait by Carin Steen
Laika, acrylics on paper, 28.5 x 37 cm (© Carin Steen)

This is Laika with her big, soulful eyes. She was adopted from a Guatemalan shelter by Sue in the US when she was about four months old. As Sue wrote me: “She was rejected by Marin Humane Society because during her behavior assessment, she bit the tester in the butt. I kept her and loved her so, so much.” It sounds like the girl had character as well as good taste!

Laika passed away at the age of fifteen and still being missed a lot.

Sue asked for a nature background, something like the backdrop of Obama’s presidential portrait by Kehinde Wiley. I happen to like that painting a lot and took the suggestion quite literally.

It takes a village to rescue a pup and place it in a loving home! It goes way beyond the actual rescue and recovery. There is fostering involved, shipping, picking dogs up in the middle of the night, arranging meetings with fosters and adopters, not to mention all the red tape. For years, Sue has been an indispensable help in the Bay Area. When Unidos para los Animales had to urgently ship 18 dogs from Guatemala before the import ban took place, It wouldn’t have been possible without Sue’s help. Thank you so much Sue, for everything you have done!!!

If you’d like to support the work Unidos para los Animales does in Guatemala, please consider a donation!


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