Buddies Bodie & Trouper

Pet portrait by Carin Steen
Trouper, acrylics and gouache on paper, 28 x 31.5 cm (©Carin Steen)

Painting pets is always fun, but even more so when I know the animals personally. Here the latest portraits of some very special dogs. 

Bodie was rescued in Antigua Guatemala after the volcano eruption on June 3rd, 2018. Dozens of people and hundreds of animals lost their lives. Dogs that did survive had lost their homes and families. Unidos para los Animales stepped in to help rescue and shelter a number of dogs in need. One of them was a funky pup named Barkely. Cute as can be, it wasn't hard to find him a home. The question is, who is luckier, Barkely now known as Bodie, or Leanne who adopted him?

Bodie, acrylics and gouache on paper, 28 x 34 cm (©Carin Steen)

In the midst of the pandemic, with all borders closed and a strict "NO MORE PUPPIES" strategy by Unidos para los Animales (a strategy that always fails!!!), Trouper made his entrance. He was brought in by some kids with a badly injured paw, likely run over by a car. Off to the vet he went. In the end his leg could be saved and after a long ordeal that he faced bravely (hence the name Trouper), this sweet pup was running and playing again, not at all hindered by a slightly deformed foot. Trouper is just the most darling dog EVER.  I got to know him very well, even went on vacation with him and seriously, he's the sweetest snuggler I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

When a import ban for pets from 133 countries, including Guatemala, into the US was announced, the staff at Unidos para los Animales decided to get as many dogs out of the country as possible, because it is just much harder find good homes for them in Guatemala (not to mention the fact that there's an endless supply of needy street dogs!). Shipping 18 dogs on such short notice was a tremendous venture that would have been impossible without the help of volunteers in the Bay Area. Leanne was one of them and besides saving the day on many an occasion, she is also taking care of Trouper now, who gets along wonderfully with his new bud Bodie. Thank you so much Leanne!

Although with fewer dogs now, the work of Unidos para los Animales is not over! The focus is on the root of the problem by spaying and neuturing as many cats and dogs as possible. If you want to help, please visit the website. Thanks!