Monster King of Dogs

Monster, King of Dogs 1999-2010
Gouache, 36 x 55cm (2015)

This is Monster, also known as Don Monte or Monsie-Ponsie. For eleven years he was my heart and soul, the best dog I could ever have wished for. Every day we would roam the mountains of Honduras. He loved to play in the river and drag sticks all the way home. Not tiny sticks either, the bigger the better. Cars would stop in the streets of Copán Ruinas to let him through.  
Everybody in town knew Monster. Kids loved him and he loved kids. For hours on end he'd play football with the boys. His favourite treat? Mints! Tick-tacks, Fisherman's Friend, the mintier the better.

This was one of the first dog portraits I ever painted, after I picture I took on his 10th birthday, which we celebrated with a piñata and many friends. 
Monster and his piñata, on his 19th birthday, July 2009


 A typical "Monster stick"