Luca, My Love


Luca (by Carin Steen)
Luca (2002-2017), Gouache on watercolour paper, 35 x 35 cm, 2017

Luca was my dog (or better said, I was her human) for almost sixteen years. I met her the days she was born,, up in Hacienda San Lucas, one of my favourite spots in the whole of Honduras. Luca adored kids and could never ever get enough of fetching rocks. She moved with me to Guatemala where she spent her last few years. She was arthritic and getting deaf, the latter a blessing because of the very loud fireworks she hated so much and the Guatemalans use for any occasion. She now rests up in the mountains, overlooking the Panchoy valley. Luca was much loved and will be forever in my heart.